As The Modern Day Damsel

As an advocate of feminism (and gender equality), this is my personal take on the ridiculous belief that women need a dashing prince to live happily ever after. Despite the slow progression, it is our right and duty to keep fighting. I know it’s tough, but we can power through it, one social media post at a time. Here are some encouraging words for my ladies.

A damsel, not in distress

As A Copywriter

Copywriter and Editor

At present, I am a copywriter and editor for a digital marketing firm in Bangkok. We design and produce eye-catching websites with informative content for businesses across a wide range of industries, including information technology, retail, legal, health care and medical, as well as beauty and cosmetics. My role is to develop clear and compelling copy for clients, from small banners to homepages to SEO-focused landing pages to site content. I am a team player who enjoys working with like-minded individuals who are passionate about consistently providing exceptional copy to clients.

Interested to know more about my professional qualifications? Fill in the form on the Talk To Me page so I can grant you access.

As Your Travel Itinerary Planner

Thinking about your next travel destination and buying a flight ticket is one thing, but planning the entire trip is a whole different story. There are millions of posts and videos available online, and the itineraries provided by travel agencies aren’t really that flexible. And if you’re thinking of planning everything by yourself, you have to know how to efficiently arrange your days and nights based on the proximity of one tourist spot to another. It’s stressful, time-consuming, and overwhelming.

BUT I love it! 

I love traveling and am passionate in helping people throughout their travels. Plus, I have great attention to detail! So you’ll have guarantee that I will plan your trip with utmost accuracy. Handover that stress to me and I’ll turn it into an in-depth travel itinerary tailored to your preferences. I am currently drafting a page focused on this service so kindly use the form on the Talk To Me page for now.