About the Modern Day Damsel

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“Nice to meet you. Where you been? I can show you incredible things.”

The modern day damsel is about a girl who believes in the power of fate, love and faith. She was never really great at describing herself even though she writes for a living. Her fashion sense was once described by a colleague as a “spoiled rich girl” — and she takes that as a compliment. She never cared for branded fashion pieces because she’d either customize the clothes herself, buy from thrifty clothing boutiques or steal from her Mom’s vintage closet.

She was never really adventurous with food, but vows to be more daring now that she will be claiming the world one country at a time. Her concept of traveling is more about the complete immersion of different cultures besides enjoying the views and cuisines offered by each country. Her friends will always remember her for her signature cat eye and bangs for she would not dare live without it. She also has a weird adoration for serial killers, but only the fictional kind, of course. On her spare time, she takes an imaginary adventure with Stephen King, Jane Austen and other YA authors. The rest of the time, she is busy fighting off bad guys and monsters with her Xbox.

The Modern Day Damsel is all about her travels, her learnings about love and her food cravings. Professionally, she is a full-time content writer and editor. She has produced write-ups for clients from around the globe coming from different industries and has taken relevant SEO training for content writing. On her spare time, she also proofreads clients’ entire websites. Just hover on to the Contact Section if you care to have a chat.