Bluestar Bistro: A Comfy Den for Bookworms, Geeks and Nerds

Bluestar Bistro Friends

Guess my hometown had another surprise hidden up its sleeve! My friends always frequented BlueStar Bistro way before I came back home, which is why they were so excited to show me the place. Since Ati-Atihan Festival, the Mother of Philippine Festivals and the biggest street party in town begins tomorrow, I reckon visiting locals and tourists need another hangout spot to choose from. Most cafes, bistros and restaurants will probably be packed this time of the year, so it will be best for you to come here as early as you can.

A Comfy and Dainty Set Up

Bluestar Bistro is the perfect place to hang out if you want to temporarily scurry away from the festival music to work because they have a pretty reliable internet connection. Not only that, your visiting friends would be delighted to see the rustic elegance of the bistro’s interior. The classic red bricks covering the walls, the huge bed on the side of the room filled with throw pillows, the classy wooden furniture including an adorable swing, a huge bike near the counter and the soft music blasting through the speakers will be a much welcome view. They also have a few board games that you and your friends can mess around with.

A Gastronomically Satisfying Spot

Do not even get me started with the remarkably delicious food here. Bluestar Bistro does not only offer affordable meals, but they prepare it to perfection. On my first visit, we each ordered the burger steak meal with buffalo wings on the side, while we got the carnivore thin crust pizza on my second visit there. Each dish we ordered had a distinct taste and although the food serving is not a lot, it actually fills you enough to leave room for dessert. They also offer cookies, cakes and other pastries on the counter for my fellow sweet tooth.

How to get to Bluestar Bistro:

From Kalibo International Airport or anywhere in Kalibo:

  1. Take a tricycle to town and ask the driver to drop you at the Bread and Butter Branch in Estancia.
  2. Once there, you will be able to see Bluestar Bistro beside it.


  1. Bring your laptop or your friends at the comfy bed and have your meal there.
  2. If the place is packed, visit their smaller branch – Bluestar Coffee & Tea located at 19 Martyrs Street.
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