Happy Crib Kalibo: Your Barkada’s Newest Chill Spot

Happy Crib Barkada

Despite the frequent rains, summer is already here in our tropical country. This only means that the renowned beaches of Boracay will be flocked by tourists and locals alike. Even though Caticlan already has its own airport, most still take the Kalibo-Boracay route. Whether you have extra time to roam around Kalibo or you’re an Akeanon looking for a place to hang out with your barkada, you won’t regret visiting Happy Crib Kalibo. They just opened last 20th of December and my good ‘ole friend is one of the proud owners.

Humble Beginnings and Unique Offerings

You know how much I adore covering themed restaurants because a unique vibe of a place just adds a certain *oomph* to the meals that they serve. Being in Manila was easy because the place is swamped with cafes that you don’t only visit for the great food, but you stay for the uniqueness of the place, too. Once I moved back to my hometown, I’ve been scouring the area looking for a special place to visit — and I knew it wouldn’t let me down. I asked my friend how they came up with the concept of Happy Crib Kalibo and he says that they just wanted to offer a distinct place for their diners. Suffice to say, this humble town is slowly keeping up with the vibrancy and diversity of the bustling city.

Cozy Cushions and Appetizing Meals

My friends and I went to visit the day after its soft opening and as expected, we enjoyed the overall vibe of the place. As soon as you enter, you will be drawn to the walls that are covered with drawings, as well as, the modern chill music and the different themes of the cubicles. To my surprise, my friend revealed that his girlfriend and co-owner hand drew the fascinating artwork in the interior of the place. Since it just opened, they currently have limited, but affordable meal options that are varied enough for your taste buds. As we speak, my friend and his co-owners are constantly coming up with new additions to their menu – including blue lemonade (on a charming lightbulb glass!) and smores that was, unfortunately, not yet available when we visited.

Happy Crib Kalibo is the perfect place to feed your cravings with inexpensive and appetizing meals. You will be surrounded by the adorably drawn theme of the place, while you and your friends relish on the engaging beats coursing through the walls. Besides, you’ll be elated to find out that you can even chill with your barkada and enjoy your booze on the seats outside. What more can you ask for?

How to get to Happy Crib Kalibo:

From Kalibo International Airport or anywhere in Kalibo:

  1. Take a tricycle to town and ask the driver to drop you at Old Buswang Tricycle Parking Station.
  2. Once there, ride the Old Buswang tricycle and tell the driver that you want to get off in front of the former Terra Vega (now Herbert’s Bar).


  1. Negotiate a fee with a tricycle driver to drop you directly at the restaurant.


  1. Wear comfortable clothes if you want to comfortably sit on the comfy cushions.
  2. Bring yourself and your friends – and you’re all set!
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