The Nook Cafe: A Place for Wizards In the Muggle World

Harry Potter Cafe
We all know finding your Patronus isn’t enough! Get to experience full on wizardry at The Nook Cafe, a Harry Potter themed restaurant in Maginhawa’s long strip of themed restos. This is a piece of heaven on earth for the Potter heads out there! It is a place where you can let your inner geek flag fly without feeling the least bit embarrassed.
We arrived at the cafe at half past  1PM, but to our dismay, a book club reserved the place until 2PM. They were obviously tackling one of the books from the Harry Potter series because why the heck not. We had to wait for a few minutes, which meant we that we also had to contain our excitement. Before the clock struck two, many people were already lining up behind us. The book club was a tad behind their schedule so the owner just let us in. We took the seat downstairs and eagerly waited for the group to finish.

A Peak Inside

No need to go to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters here for you just have to let your imagination transport you. The cafe offers a number of board games, young adult books, Harry Potter collectibles, and a special tribute to the late Professor Snape (Alan Rickman). It also had beautiful mural paintings on its walls made by artist #whattheEF @cassstillo that adds to its authentic Diagon Alley feels.

The Perfect Spot for Geeks

The second level of the cafe is actually where its magic is at. If you’re planning on visiting, aim for the second floor. Good thing we were the first ones there! We got dibs on the best seat! You will need to take your shoes off for you will  be seated on comfy gray pillows on a carpeted floor. They even used a wooden box crate as a table, which made it so cool!

On our backs, beautiful mural paintings covered the wall opposite the stairs that hung photos of the four house symbols. The mural paintings were my favorite because of the simplicity of what looked like pencil shading and its intricate details. On my left side, a rope hammock with furry throw pillows dangled from the second floor. It is probably the best spot to read in the cafe. On my best friend’s right side is a wall filled with YA books, a tiny treasure chest, owls, board games and potions.

The Enchanting Dishes and Knick-Knacks

After digging into every nook and cranny, we got a tinsy bit hungry and I wanted to try their infamous butterbeer. I was actually so happy that it’s non-alcoholic because I cannot stand the taste of beer. This is a friendly place for students who’d rather not get drunk. The butterbeer tasted too sweet for me and you have to consume it while its cold or the magic will fizzle. We ordered their bacon dish on the side. The huge pieces of yummy monstrosity are bacon wrapped chicken drizzled with honey. It was way too big to chew on, but oh man, it tasted like magic! I’m still dreaming about that delicious dish today.

After clearing our heads and satisfying our tummies, we decided to continue our search for treasures. We found the chocolate frog in the cupboard with the potions, a chocolate snitch on top of the treasure chest, Dumbledore’s wand and another unknown wand that resembles Luna Lovegood’s.

Aaaaaand of course, before we bid adieu to one of our favorite places, we had to put on our robes! Yes, I wanted to be Gryffindor and channel Hermione with my semi-curly hair but my best friend got there first so I was stuck on being Slytherin. Harry potter fans rejoice because the restaurant messaged me that they added new trinkets to their collection, including the Sorting Hat. So, what are you waiting for, get on your brooms and enjoy the day with some butter beer.

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2 thoughts on “The Nook Cafe: A Place for Wizards In the Muggle World

    1. Awww. Thanks, girl! Lahat ng mga props jan, pati yung robes sa cafe na. I heard may mga bago silang additions recently. All you need to do is to bring yourself 😉

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