Disneyland Resort: The Land of Make-Believe

Beauty and the Beast Castle
Last August 31, 2014, my friends and I decided to embark on a journey towards our childhood. It was already our second day in Hong Kong when we finally decided to visit Disneyland Resort. They made my childhood memorable and they’re practically the reason why I became a whitewashed Filipina (no regrets). My childhood loves basically were my best friends when I was still an awkward little chickadee. Let’s jump aboard the memory train, shall we?

Aboard the Nostalgic Express

As soon as we arrived at the Sunny Bay Station, which is the private train station of Disneyland, my inner Disney kid was already trying to escape the wrath of my 23-year-old calm-yo-self ego. I tell you, it was practically trying to tear out of my skin and produce a body of its own. Although, I was forced to calm down because it started raining once we arrived and we did not bring any umbrella.

We waited for a few minutes until we felt the rain was more manageable. I honestly was growing impatient at the time since the rain ruined our plans. However, the mere sight of their train was magical already. Looking back at my couch potato childhood days while I was watching Hidden Mickey searching for those three memorable circles and now it’s right in front of me! I was about to go out of my mind and I wasn’t even near Disneyland Resort yet.

As soon as we caught our Mickey Mouse ride, I was practically jumping up and down. And in the words of the great Mary Poppins, every nook and cranny were supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Yes, I had to google that. I felt like a child again climbing inside my television screen to enter this magical world. I’m sure Wizards who wish to run through the brick wall at platform 9¾ understand what I am saying. Although, my version kind of resembled a scene from The Ring – a lively symphonic version, that is.

Behold the inside of the train, they incorporated Mickey handrails, windows and even got exquisite statues of Disney characters like Chip and Dale as well as Goofy. After seeing the excitement of my fellow Disney nerds and the adorable little baby picking her nose, we finally arrived at our destination.

A World Entirely On Its Own

We braved the pouring rain just to take this iconic photo of the resort’s entrance, which looked so peaceful with the surrounding trees and bushes. We had a chance to see the bold little mouse surfing atop a whale’s water spout! Never thought you had it in you, Mickey! Meanwhile, Donald Duck is hiding his disgust and misery on the side.

A few more steps in, before we finally saw this beautiful homage to the big boss mouse himself. These guys employed some really talented gardeners! To think, this was just a part of the entrance to the resort itself. What more did they have in store for us? Practically bawled my eyes out at this point. Everything just seemed unreal.

 Entering A World of Make Believe

Their welcome message perfectly summed up what I was feeling. It gave me all the feels and we haven’t really gone in yet! You know where we turned to once inside the resort? MAINSTREET USA! My whitewashed self was already laughing madly. It’s not that I dislike anything Asian, it’s just that I love anything that’s not Asian. But, first on the list before anything else – FOOD!

Our trip to the Avenue of Stars that morning did our tummies a jolly good number. We found a little cafe on the side of the road and I decided to order their famous waffles, which I used to only see on TV, btw. It had free peaches on the side and I got a little bottle of coke to quench my thirst. Mickey’s face was juicy and delicious and if I recall correctly, quite expensive.

A Memorable Reunion at Disneyland

If you know me, you’re probably already aware how much I hate rides. Silly, right? I might have been at the amusement park but I refused to get in one. After all, I was being realistic, I don’t want to waste the rest of the day feeling sick and woozy. Good thing we got there late and the lines were too long. We decided to roam the whole resort instead. First up, Cinderella’s magical castle. I’m in one of the happiest places on earth, yet I’m wearing an all black ensemble. It doesn’t justify the extent of my happiness inside, though.

You guys!!!! I finally got to meet my childhood best friends. It might have been a one-way street all throughout childhood, but I’m ecstatic they finally met me. They were the only ones we lined up for. They’re my first ever OTP, even before OTP existed! Who would want to miss getting a photo with the boss mouse himself and his lady mouse, right? Afterward, we continued to tour around the resort. Thus, the series of photos below.

A Magical Ending

We never got to try any of the rides, but we did get to collect more memories. Disneyland Resort is huge! We managed to walk a few hours before our paws gave up. I’m not sure if we just needed to exercise more or if we needed more time inside. We decided to end this memorable journey by having the famous Minnie ice cream bar and meeting the Princesses. But, we were a few minutes too late, which is why we only have these candid shots of them. Nevertheless, we still had the time of our lives reliving our childhood memories.

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