Noche – Dine in the Dark Manila: A Feast for Your Senses

Dine in the Dark Manila

Noche – Dine in the Dark Manila is an Asian fusion restaurant devoted to serving their customers a rare dining experience. They opened just three weeks ago and I thought this would be a perfect post birthday dinner for my ex-beau. He has never tried anything like this before, nor have I, so this is one of the firsts we get to experience together.

The concept restaurant boasts to be the first of its kind here in the country. As its name suggests, you will dine in the dark consuming either two, three or five-course meals. They provided complete instructions on their website, so you can choose from different menu options there. Those who have specific allergies need not worry for they can customize your meals according to your needs.

A Gratifying Experience

The restaurant is set up in a hotel that has a relaxing atmosphere, so you already feel at ease as soon as you walk in the lobby. Once we were at the fourth floor, we entered a different restaurant that served as their waiting area where we had to fill up a waiver form. They then escorted us up another floor where one of their visually impaired staff shared the dining instructions. We had to leave our belongings at their baggage counter to ensure that we won’t bring anything that emits light.

Our personal waiter JC, who is visually impaired, appeared to guide us a few minutes later. I felt both anxious and excited — like we were going in one of those haunted houses in an amusement park, but better! The second we went in the pitch dark dining area, the jitters completely died down because JC made us feel so comfortable. I’ve never trusted a stranger this fast before! He made this experience even more meaningful for us.

A Scrumptious Journey

He sat us at our table and that was when we were able to get a feel of the place. Our sense of hearing was the first to spike since the dining area was a bit loud with the laughters of other guests, but in a pleasant way. I’m pretty sure we would have felt uneasy if everyone was so quiet. You are able to drown out other sounds anyway when you start to adjust and identify how far your date is to you.

Our sense of touch, smell and taste led us through the course of the meals. The seats felt cozy and we had to do a little challenge to heighten our sense of touch and hearing, which I proudly aced, btw. After a few minutes, JC gave us our drinks and it was so stimulating that we could identify hints of what was in it.

JC then brought us our first meal and the savory smell caught us by surprise. We decided to feel the dishes with our hands before we used the utensils or take our first bite. It indeed heightened our sense of taste because we felt like one of those food critics who actually know the ingredients in a dish. We felt even more impressed with ourselves because unlike those critics, we literally couldn’t see anything. So, this is why they tend to close their eyes while tasting a dish, eh?

The restaurant gave us servings of different dishes on a single plate, which was the perfect amount. We had fun guessing and eating the delightful meal. Once we consumed the main course, JC replaced the empty plates with our dessert, which I was looking forward to for weeks. We were only expecting one dessert, but three servings in a plate transported us to foodie heaven. They prepared both courses perfectly and our picky palettes couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

An Appetizing Cause

Probably the best part about this restaurant is the team behind it. They partnered with the Resources for the Blind, Inc. and employed them as waiters and waitresses. You do not only get to experience a whole new kind of feasting, but you also get to step in their shoes… literally.

This dine in the dark experience made us appreciate the handicapped community and our senses more than ever. Sure, we had the time of our lives, but a life without color is no joke. The staff navigated through the dark easily with our meals without spilling anything or bumping into something. My beau called JC, the Daredevil for he was our superhero that night. He effortlessly helped us and made our night really memorable.

Dine in the Dark will make you appreciate the smaller things in life. In a fast paced world, we mostly take ourselves for granted. We are so obsessed with being successful and earning more that we never have the chance to take a step back and enjoy life as it is. This type of concept dining will allow you to savor each bite and really taste food like you’ve never before. Imagine munching on your favorite food, but in the dark. You will not only get to experience a different side of your senses, but you will also get to appreciate life more. Besides, this timeout from technology with your loved one will strengthen your relationship.

Visit their website now to book your seats, especially since their opening promo is still up for grabs! You can get at least PHP 200 to PHP 500 off from the original price. If you’ve been waiting for the right time, this is it! It’s the perfect place to take your crush on a first date, treat your husband to a memorable dinner or surprise your Mom a whole new kind of experience.

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