Year 2022 Project

Podcast Video Interview with Judges

Wrote and produced this special podcast series to introduce the judges of the 2022 PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards programme across our 14 markets in 12 countries

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4 March 2022

Seeing the invisible: How breathable is your indoor air?

To give us more insight into the air that we breathe, I spoke to air quality expert, the CEO and co-Founder of uHoo, Dustin Jefferson Onghanseng

6 October 2021

Eco brick roads: Reusing rejected plastic for good

Ovy Sabrina, the co-founder and chief operational officer of Rebricks Indonesia, shares their aim to reduce the globe’s plastic volume by turning these into eco-building materials

29 July 2021

ESG Practices in the Asia Pacific real estate sector

Nicola Crosta, founder of Baan Dek Foundation, talks about his nonprofit and their mission to improve worker camp environments in Thailand

28 June 2021

The age of voice tech in real estate

Nick Myers, founder and chief executive officer of RedFox AI, shares recent advancements in voice technology and what the future has in store.

28 May 2021

An all-in-one sustainable delivery solution for F&Bs

Listen as Duncan Stewart, the founder and CEO of MenuVenu, shares a sustainable delivery solution that would benefit both the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry as well as its consumers

22 April 2021

Ridding the world of single-use plastics

Savera Weerasinghe of Ananta Sustainables chats with us about the globe’s plastic problem and alternatives to single-use plastic

31 March 2021

Empowering women in construction

To celebrate Women’s History Month, the co-founder and director of BuildHer Collective Kribashini Hannon chats with us about the struggles and satisfaction of being a woman leader in construction