A Historical Getaway: Revisiting Macau’s Past

Ruins of St. Paul
Macau has to be one of the most underrated travel destinations around the globe. Tourists typically view this bright city as “The Las Vegas of Asia”, but there is more to Macau that meets the eye. Besides the posh hotels and casinos where travelers get to enjoy the thrill of gambling, Macau boasts a promising historical and cultural getaway.

The Sweet Street

Macau has a population of over 600,000 people with a land area of less than 12 square miles. This means that the place will always be busy, but not too congested. Once you mix Macanese people with the daily influx of travelers, you will be able to witness a multinational rendezvous place.
The city offers the ideal opportunity for both locals and travelers to attract new friends while sharing global stories and exploring sweet treats from the infamous Pastry Lane. The store owners offer free taste tests, so make the most of it – especially with the delicious beef jerky! This renowned sweet street begins as soon as you enter the Senado Square that usually incorporates different themes depending on the event.

The Historic  Lanes

From the Senado Square to the Pastry Street, everything you need is just a few minutes away. As soon as you pass the end of the sweet shops, you will be able to glance at the majestic beauty of the Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral – one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. This part of the trip is where you can fully immerse in the European and Chinese heritage. Keep a look out for the advertisements and street signs that are mostly written in Portuguese.

Filled with garden bushes in intricate designs and the European details of the buildings, you will find yourself enraptured with the vast combination of cultures. Probably my favorite part about this tourist spot was the man and woman statue located at the bottom of the Ruins. My romantic side initially thought it was a symbol of love, but further research revealed that the modern statue symbolizes the friendship between Portugal  and China, wherein the girl (China) offers a lotus flower (Macau’s symbol) to the boy (Portugal).

How to get to Macau’s Historic Spots:

From The Venetian Hotel or other casinos:
1. Proceed to the hotel’s free shuttle area and catch a ride going to Yuet Tung Pier.
2. Drop off at the last stop. (Note: You’ll know because everybody will be getting off.)


  1. Wear comfortable shoes since you will spend most of your time walking.
  2. Enjoy the long walks and the pastry haggles by leaving your luggage at the hotel first.
  3. Go on a weekday or arrive early to avoid huge crowds.
  4. Use the free wifi hotspot in the major tourist spots, such as Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral, by keying in the password “wifigo”.
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