The Charm of Thai Cuisine: A Preview into my Gastronomic Journey

Thai Food Cravings

I wanted to visit Bangkok for the touristy spots, but I ended up eating everything that my eyes could see. When I was still studying at the University, I had this huge crush on David Archuleta who is obsessed with Thai food, and he is probably one of the reasons why I, too, am still enchanted by their delicious flavors. I rarely got to do any touristy stuff while I was in those places, but I did get to eat my heart out. Thai cuisine actually expanded my once child-like taste buds that I can now consume veggies and meals that I wouldn’t dare try before, so it has a special place in my heart. Even though Thai cuisine is pretty much the same anywhere in the country, I decided to divide these into parts to give you an idea on where I specifically got to enjoy these dishes. Feast your eyes out for some of my favorite meals below:

I. Bangkok

When I arrived in downtown Bangkok, I was lucky enough to book at Mascot Hostel, which is owned by a Filipino, run by Filipino staff and is frequented by Filipino besides foreign guests. My newfound friends there introduced me to authentic street Thai food near Pratunam Market, Siam Square and in Khao San Road. However, we mostly frequented Platinum Mall where the food court at the top floor offered everything that your cravings could ask for. Surprisingly enough, Thai food (even at the mall) is more affordable than my own country’s cuisines. With the amount you pay to eat at the carinderias in the PH, you could already get a delicious meal with big servings in Thailand. I won’t get into the nitty gritty details of how each of these meals captured my hungry soul, but I do assure that none of them disappoint.

II. Pattaya

The only reason I decided to visit Pattaya was because of the outrageous stories my ex-beau shared. I was kind of wary with the place, but it was surprisingly okay. Everything there was costly than Bangkok and I could only find a few places that offered really good meals. As much as I was so awed with the distinct taste Bangkok introduced, Pattaya did not really do justice except for the Sketch Book Cafe there. The expensive meals there wasn’t really worth it.

III. Koh Phangan

Of course, I had to include beaches on my trip, but my frequent midriffs, crop tops and bikini ensemble did not stop me from my gastronomic journey. Since this is one of the touristy islands, I did expect the food to cost more. Fortunately, unlike Pattaya, the price I paid for was worth it. As much as I love Thai food, I did miss Western food, which explains the burgers, fries and homemade ice cream from the Fat Cat Resto.

Among these three places I’ve been to, Bangkok has to be the best place that you could pig out for a reasonable budget. You can enjoy a banquet of local delicacies or munch on some of the international cuisines if you want a rest from the local spices. There are only a few touristy activities that you could do in the city, so why not satisfy your cravings, right?

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