Writing web copy is not a straightforward task.

First, you get to know the client to figure out what they want to achieve on their site, then you conduct research regarding the client’s sector, decide which products/services they want to highlight, and write copy in a way that makes them stand out from the competition.

I essentially sell my client’s brand, product, or services through written content, which is one of the purest forms of marketing/advertising online. The ultimate goal is to convince their customers to either make a purchase or simply get in touch with them.

Copywriting is an art form and my experience with my previous employer has enabled me to master different types of web copies. Let me you run you through the types below and share a couple of samples of my own work, with client’s details redacted, of course:


Unless you sent your clients a direct link to your products or services, the homepage is the first thing that they see when they visit your website. And since the first impression is crucial, it should clearly communicate what you offer and why they should choose you over your more known competitors — and that’s where I come in. I specialise in crafting compelling homepage copy that will convince your customers to spend more time reading through your site. It may sound easy, but this is actually the first and most important obstacle that any commercial website has to overcome.

According to US-based web design agency SWEOR, “users spend an average of 5.59 seconds looking at a website’s written content.” Fortunately, I have the copywriting training and experience to get you out of that rut. Work with me and I’ll help you navigate through all these complexities, with the eventual goal of persuading users to make a purchase or at the least, get in touch with you.

Landing or Pitch Pages

 The purpose of a landing page, also known as a pitch page, is to highlight a limited-service deal, new product offer, or upcoming event, hoping it will convince readers to click the Call To Action button. It is a standalone page that appears when a user clicks on a search engine result link or pay-per-click (PPC) ad.

This page is different from regular service or product page because it doesn’t only inform and lay out the facts, it tells a story visually. The copy focuses on selling whatever it is you’re offering in fewer words than inner pages. It will include an enticing, consistent message; a preview of all the benefits, features, and pricing structure; and of course, an effective CTA button.

Banners and Pop-up Ads

Banner/pop-up ads are image-based adverts that either pop up when you open a page, or appear on the top, side, or bottom sections of a site. These can show up on pages totally unrelated to what you’re offering, but is targeted because of the specific user’s history search.

These types of ads require a limited number of words, but they are actually one of the most challenging copies to write. Not all copywriters know how to effectively catch a user’s attention. Lucky for you, The Modern Day Damsel has the experience and expertise to sell your product/service/brand in just a few words.

eCards and eBrochures

eCards are digital versions of postcards and greeting cards sent via email. Aside from including a greeting message and appropriate photo or graphic, you can choose to add your own animations and videos.

Meanwhile, an eBrochure works the same way as a traditional printed brochure wherein it markets and advertises a company, only digitally.

More and more businesses have grown to love this format because it helps them save on paper and printing and it is also an environmentally friendly option. Plus, it is less time-consuming. Gone are the days when your team had to take time off their regular responsibilities to prepare, design, print, and send it to the post office. Now, you just need to click send, and your clients will receive it in a second, not days! To view the full compilation of my best work during my copywriting days, do send me a message on my socials or fill in the Talk To Me page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Note: I don’t own the designs, only the written content.