07 September 2021

PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit’s first Digital White Paper tackles the fundamentals of responsible building

Green and climate heroes put their heads together to discuss how the APAC property sector can weather the environmental crisis and drive sustainable living

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30 June 2021

Why sustainability should no longer be an afterthought in design

Sustainability now means resiliency and being able to evolve during a time of exponential change

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28 February 2020

Urban buildings: The cause of pollution and the ultimate solution

By 2060, we will have approximately two trillion square feet of buildings across the globe

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8 April 2020

Can urban planning prevent the emergence of future pandemics?

We dig deep to determine the root cause behind the COVID-19 outbreak

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30 April 2020

If green buildings are crucial to addressing climate change, why aren’t we seeing more of them?

We spoke with industry experts to identify what’s preventing developers from fully going green – and it all boils down to lack of finances

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29 May 2020

Buildings under construction: The impact on the environment and on its workforce

These structures enable us to live a more comfortable lifestyle in cities, but we must not forget its drawbacks during construction

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9 July 2020

Is your hotel doing right by the environment?

An industry insider and sustainability expert gave us the lowdown on how the hospitality sector can minimise its carbon footprint

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