3 April 2023

The legendary voice of Siri tells it all

Susan Bennett, the voice behind the world’s most iconic virtual assistant, talks about how Siri came to be

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15 December 2021

Liter of Light: Illuminating developing nations one household at a time

A simple tech could serve as a beacon for households living in the dark

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19 November 2021

Living sustainably and responsibly for our future and our children’s future

‘Many of us will live to see the cities of tomorrow, but all of our children will’

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4 December 2019

Tēmi: a life-changing robot that elevates households and caters to residents’ needs

One that can contend with the stereotypical robot butlers in sci-fi movies

Photo op with Temi at the PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit 2019

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19 February 2021

Bridge the digital gap: Staying connected with customers in a socially-distanced world

Microsoft’s Miri Rodriguez shares the importance of digital storytelling in real estate

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